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About Us

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HEQ Intelligent was established in February 2019. The company's headquarters is located in Shenzhen, the world's drone capital. The company adheres to the tenet of "flying changes the world", continues to explore and innovate.It is committed to becoming an excellent supplier of industrial UAV system solutions, provides efficient, intelligent, safe and reliable productivity tools for all walks of life. HEQ Intelligent mainly serves the fields of police security, surveying and mapping, power inspection, agriculture and forestry, energy security and so on.

In September 2020, the company released a unique and novel non-rudder vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV—Swan-K1, which realizes the flight control of a fixed-wing aircraft without a rudder surface and provides the design of unmanned aerial vehicles new ideas.

Company Culture

  • We promise

    We promise

    Make positive changes to make the world a better place and connect together more closely is our goal.

  • Humanistic care

    Humanistic care

    Not only do we have to meet the needs of the industry, we are also committed to meeting human needs.

  • Continue to innovate

    Continue to innovate

    We will design and manufacture more innovative products to provide you with the best drone flying experience.

Development history

Founded in

February 28, 2019

HEQ Intelligent was established

October 2019

A laser methane leak monitoring solution for drones has been released

September 2020

The world's first Swan-K1 was released

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Police Security Surveying Inspection
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