Swan-K1 PRO

Swan-K1 PRO

A fixed-wing UAV you’ve never imagined, Swan-K1 PRO is a unique fixed-wing UAV that performs vertical take-offs and landings. By breaking the traditional fixed-wing requirement for runway takeoff, the fixed-wing UAV can be operated easier with much less restrictions. Discarding the traditional rudder design concept, SWAN-K1 is one of the firsts to adopt a rudderless control technology to bring you a minimalist control experience.

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Swan-K1 PRO Overview

Swan-K1 PRO has one click take-off and one-click return function, allowing it to switch between fixed-wing mode and rotor flight mode easily.It supports user DIY and experience immersive flight . You can command the flying skills well in a few minutes without any experience of piloting a fixed-wing UAV or Model airplane through its remote control with integrated a HD touch screen and customized HEQ FLY APP.


Swan-K1 PRO Specs

Wing span :


Bare aircraft weight:


Maximum takeoff weight :


Flight time:


Flight range :


Remote control distance 

3-5km(with no obstacle )

image transmission distance :

3-5km(with no obstacle )

Remote control frequency band :


Image resolution:



Lipo 4S 5500mAH

Charger :

17.4V 2.8A

Propeller :


Compatible motion camera:

GoPro5/6/7/8; DJl osmo action,DJI action 2

Package size:


One-click take-off :






Swan-K1 PRO Q&A

1. Does the battery life include the take-off and landing process?

Nominal endurance includes take-off and landing (measured at an altitude of 50 meters in a no-wind environment).

2.How high can the drone fly?

There is no limit to the maximum flight altitude, please follow local laws and regulations for specific operations.

3. What is the maximum range of the drone?

The maximum range is 40km (measured at an altitude of 50 meters in a no-wind environment).

4. What types of sports cameras can be supported?

Gopro 5, 6, 7, 8; DJI osmo action,DJI action 2.

5. Does the drone have GPS?

Yes, it can rely on GPS to hover in the rotor mode.

6. Does the drone have an airspeed indicator?

Yes, it has.

7. Can the drone return home with one key?

Yes, you can return home with one key in both rotor mode and fixed wing mode.

Swan-K1 PRO Accessories

1x Swan-K1 pro aircraft 

1x set of quick detachable nylon propellers (9060)

1x Radio controller (with HD touch screen)

1x Carry case

1x 5500mAh 15.2V Lipo Battery

1x Power charger

1x Aircraft User Manual and Disclaimer

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