Conventional fixed-wing UAV require an open field for take-off and landing, which is difficult for players to learn and has a high barrier to entry. The Swan-K1 vertical take-off and landing type fixed wing has low requirements on the take-off and landing site, and the flight mode is switched smoothly. It is especially suitable for novice enthusiasts to get started quickly and experience the fun of fixed-wing FPV flying. At the same time, it can be equipped with a professional sports camera for high-altitude aerial photography. Support high-end players to replace accessories such as camera, image transmission, remote control, etc., awith high playability.

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Swan-K1 Overview


Swan-K1 has a vertical take-off and landing function, and users can have a flying experience at their fingertips without any flight field restrictions. The whole machine has a modular design, few structural parts, no other moving parts except 4 brushless motors, and high reliability. It greatly reduces the learning difficulty of fixed-wing UAV flight and improves user experience.

Swan-K1 Specs

UAV parameters

1. Wingspan 1200mm

2. Height 450mm

3. Weight (including battery) 1.48kg

4. Maximum load capacity 0.15kg

5. Flight time (fixed wing) 40min

6.Flight time (multi-rotor) 18min

7. Control radius 10km

8. Image transmission quality SD

Remote control parameters

1. Working voltage 4.2V

2. Working current 100mA

3. Working frequency 2.400-2.483GHz

4. Battery life 20h

5.Size 130X 150X 20mm

6.Weight 525g

Swan-K1 Q&A

1. Does the battery life include the take-off and landing process?

Nominal endurance includes take-off and landing (measured at an altitude of 50 meters in a no-wind environment).

2.How high can the drone fly?

The maximum flight altitude of the drone is 120 meters by default. The user can set it according to the actual situation. The maximum flight altitude is 500 meters.

3. What is the maximum range of the drone?

The maximum range is 25.2km (measured at an altitude of 50 meters in a no-wind environment).

4. What types of sports cameras can be supported?

Gopro 5, 6, 7, 8; DJI osmo action.

5. Does the drone have GPS?

Yes, it can rely on GPS to hover in the rotor mode.

6. Does the drone have an airspeed indicator?


7. Can the drone return home with one key?

Yes, you can return home with one key in both rotor mode and fixed wing mode.

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