Swan Voyager

Swan Voyager

Swan voyager is the first tiny consumer-level fixed-wing VTOL camera drone with 3-axis gimbal stabilization.With 4K video recording,8km picture transmission distance and more than one hour flying duration.Our new FPV goggles bring the sky to you,giving a whole immersive flying experience.The voyager also offers a multi-player system.It enables you to connect with your buddies within 20km and share your position and part of the fight data to complete interactive,collaborative flights,such as filming with other voyagers in the frame and some easy stunt flights.

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Swan Voyager Overview


Swan Voyager Specs

Aircraft specs

Flight control system                                                                        


Remote control 

High brightness display

Battery Capacity  

5500MAH 4S High-voltage battery

Flight time


Flight speed  

11m/s ~ 25m/s

Flight range  


Image transmission


Power system

2212980KV rotor + 9060 propellers

Camera specs

Image sensor size

1/2.3 inch CMOS


12mega pixels

View angle

80°~ 100°

Equivalent focal length




Focus Range

1m ~ ∞

ISO range

Video ISO range:100 to 3200(auto)

Max photo size 

4:3 4000*3000

Video resolution

4K: 3840*2160@24/25/30FPS

2.7K: 2720*1530@24/25/30/48/50/60FPS

FHD: 1920*1080@24/25/30/48/50/60FPS

SD card capacity 


Photo format 


Swan Voyager Q&A

                        Technical FAQ

1. Do I need to calibrate the airspeed meter and compass before flying?

Yes, you do. In order to ensure safe flight, the airspeed meter and compass must be calibrated before flying; After the aircraft is connected to the HEQ FLY APP, please enter into the control settings to calibrate the airspeed meter and compass.

2. What is Position and Altitude mode

Position mode: Drone can hover at a fixed point auto.

Altitude mode: Drone hold altitude but cant hover at a fixed point.

We suggest novices to choose Position mode for a better fly. The Altitude mode is suitable for professional player.

3. Should the propellers need to be tightened before takeoff?

Yes, they should. In order to ensure safety, please make sure you have tighten the propellers before taking off.

4. The start and update of HEQ FLY APP

After powering on the remote control, the app will start within 7s automatically.

With Internet connection, when there is a new version, click on the Check for Update button and an update prompt will pop up; If there is no Internet connection, it will fail to update.

5. About return home

During the flight in fixed-wing mode, if a return is triggered for incontrollable behavior, geographic limitation, severely low battery, etc., the drone will return to the home point in fixed-wing mode; If you need to cancel the return in the process, you need to press B Key (Return Home Button) twice to release the return status.

6. About attitude protection?

During the fixed-wing flight, if the aircraft encounters strong gusts of wind, it may enter into dangerous attitude protection as well as switch from the fixed-wing mode to the rotor mode. To re-enter fixed-wing mode, you need to press the A button to reset the status first, and then press the A button again to switch to the fixed-wing mode normally.

7. How to connect to the map?

After powering on the remote control, please follow the APP prompt to connect to WiFi, then you can view the map only after the connection is completed.

8. How to maintain the battery?

When using the battery for the first time, please use the power charger to charge it. After completing the flight, please put the battery in a shady environment and maintain the battery by charging and discharging every 2-3 months.

9. How to solve the problem while real time image not being displayed after connection?

Check whether the communication and IP address are normal or not, and turn on Ethernet in settings.

10. How to solve the problem if the digital transmission cannot be connected?

Check the output mode, acquaintance the baud rate of the flight control, and set the output mode you needed.

Swan Voyager Accessories

1 x Swan-K1 aircraft 

1 x HEQ 3-axis 12 Mega pixels camera(4K) 

1x set of quick detachable nylon propellers 

1 x highlight display radio controller5km image transmission

1 x Carry case, -1 x 5500mAh 15.2V Lipo Battery

1 x Power charger 

1 x Aircraft User Manual and Disclaimer

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